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Why utilize the Healthcare2U Wellness with Direct Primary care Plus

Program Overview:

  • Employee Enrolls in the Healthcare2U Wellness with DPC Plus program on a pre-tax cost basis

(Section 125 of IRS code)

  • Employer saves on the 7.65% on the FICA tax for each enrolled employee
  • Through section 105 of IRS code employer may choose to reimburse, on a non-taxable basis, the employee for incurred expenses
  • The employee receives an increase in take-home pay and receives the Healthcare2U benefits (see below)The employer will receive a reduction in FICA expense, on average, $50,000 annually for every 100 employees enrolled in the program

Program benefits employee by:

  • Unlimited doctor visits with a $10 visit fee 
  • Unlimited Urgent Care visits for a $25 visit fee
  • Access to Patient Navigation Center that schedules care for employees and eligible dependents
  • Unlimited Chronic Disease management for 13 of the most prevalent disease-state for $10 visit fee
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 Bilingual Telehealth for no additional out-of-pocket cost for all family members
  • Comprehensive Wellness platform through HealthCare2U’s partnership with IDLife
  • Extra income can be used to purchase additional insurance benefits or increase 401K (or 403B)contribution or any other investment vehicle or as additional take home income

Program benefits employer by:

  • Significant tax savings
  • Provides ancillary benefits to employees at no cost to employer
  • Reduces claims experience on medical insurance program
  • May help with employee retention
  • Creates goodwill between employer/employee
  • Successful wellness program reduces employee absenteeism

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