A national medical plan that helps employers control health insurance costs.

The Plan offers a turn-key program that is a level premium solution designed specifically for employers in the Healthcare Industry with 50+ employees. 

The Plan offers the cash savings benefits of a self-funded product with the security and cash flow benefits of a fully insured product utilizing Reference Based Pricing (RBP). (RBP) is the process negotiating Medical Benefit Claims on behalf of the Employer/Employee utilizing the Medicare standard of 130% claims adjudication. The (RBP) produces savings against standard Insurance national claims pricing. (see below) 

Once in the program, employers will have access to their claim data, enabling them to see how their plan is performing. Our claim avoidance programs, which include Care management, and Claims Management, allows employers the ability to identify health issues and affect outcomes – ultimately changing employee behavior and favorably impacting productivity

ANH GroupsTotal BilledNetwork AllowedRBP@ 130% of Medicare$ Savings Off Network% Savings Off Network% Savings Off Billed
Group 1$567, 570$354,744$185,379$169,36548%68%
Group 2$1,740,538$1,122,458$626,339$496,11944%64%
Group 3$888,190$602,121$302,882$299,23950%66%
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