Frequently Asked Questions

Our vendors work with pharmacy partners around the globe to provide prescriptions at lower cost to health plans and individuals. In many cases this eliminates co-pays or member out-of-pocket expense.

International sourcing simply imports the same branded or generic medications from countries that have lower pricing than the US. The branded medications come from the same manufacturers that produce the medications available in the US.

Our vendors will assist in the process by obtaining the prescription from you or your employee’s physician, reviewing those prescriptions with a clinician, gather any pertinent information (any allergies, height, weight etc.) and provide this information to a registered/licensed foreign pharmacy for review. For example, in Canada all prescriptions are reviewed by a physician prior to being filled. If appropriate dosing for weight/height/allergy interaction etc., a pharmacist will fill the prescription and ship the medication directly to the member.

It normally takes about fifteen (15) days from the time we get the prescription from the provider.

If a pill or capsule is being shipped it commonly will be mailed via the US Postal Service. However, in some cases FedEx, DHL and UPS are utilized when cold chain shipping is necessary. All packages are shipped using a tracking number which can be provided upon request.

Medications are typically shipped from Tier One countries which meet or exceed US FDA standards. These include Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Yes, we frequently ship medications that demand a temperature-controlled environment. These medications are shipped in cold-chain containers and packed with enough refrigerant to make it to its destination within the required temperature range.

Not to worry, we have domestic partner pharmacies who will be able to provide an emergency fill if needed.

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